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The mare gallops silently across the desert carrying her master into war.  Upon her strong back rests the future of the tribe.  Her ears are pricked forward, her stride is long and smooth, and her gaze is intent on the distance. 
This is the ancestral Arabian horse.
Every modern Arabian horse has its beginning with the Bedouin Desert Arabian horse.  These wonderful horses existed as tent dwelling members of the family who, when called upon, became the “Drinkers of the Wind" that carried their masters into war. 

In 1961 the Blue Arabian Horse Catalog was published by Jane Llewellyn Ott.  The purpose of the catalog is to encourage preservation breeding of the Bedouin Arabian horse.  Ms. Ott coined the term Blue Star Arabian.  The Blue Star Arabian horse traces its ancestry 100% to the original Bedouin Desert horse. 

These wonderful family horses are now in danger of becoming extinct.  Without them the type of the original desert Arabian will be lost.  

The Blue Star Arabian Horse Sanctuary was created to help preserve these horses.  We are funded by the generosity of horse lovers all over the world who believe as we do that this piece of Arabian horse history should not become extinct.  We offer support to those who own and breed these horses and education for those who wish to become involved.  Please share our dream.  Join us by owning and breeding a Blue Star Arabian Mare, or by simply making a tax deductible contribution. We will respect the privacy of your donation and will never sell your name to a list.

We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity.

Blue Star Arabian Horse Sanctuary, Inc.

1033 Pearl Lake Road

Springville, Alabama  35146

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